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120 top scientists criticise a hydroxychloroquine report --FLAWS!
Letter found 10 flaws, including patient data which 'doesn't match' with records! Was this a fake study?
French researchers last month found hydroxychloroquine could treat coronavirus patients, sparking hope of a cure.
The fake news bashes anything Trump likes!
Glenn Beck explains Obamagate is a way that you can understand
Who are the characters in this conspiracy? The British look to be very involved. Maybe their intel agencies are not really our allies. Cup of tea and all that!
If these people are not held accountable it will be the end of the United States.

Hillary paid half for Russian Disinfomation!
Who paid for Russian interference in the 2016 election? Well Hillary paid for half and the DNC paid the other half.
What a suprise. Such a shame and setup from the beginning.

Comey didn't know if Flynn lied????????? WTF?
'The FBI’s approach was inconsistent with how things had been done.'
'I don’t know' if Flynn lied, Comey replied in testimony. Does this sound suspect?
Come seems to have many stories and they do not add up.

Clapper Knew All Along
Clapper knew all along Russia-gate was a fake. Clapper said in testimony he: 'never saw any direct empirical evidence'.
Why didn't Clapper say that when he was on CNN or MSNBC? Maybe he was one of the instigators of the whole thing?

DOJ Drops case against Flynn
The DOJ dropped the (never should have been a case) case against Michael Flynn. Will the people who framed him actually be charged? Or do any time?
Why did it take years for this to come out? Will the officials that threatened Flynn be held accountable for that? It seems that is is great for cops to threaten citizens and lie to them, but you go to jail for less than that. Director Wray, you are doing a great job (Protecting the Deep State).

Chi-coms are already colluding with the Dems in our 2020 election!
Going to the polls and voter ID is not American ---says the commies! They want mail-in ballots so they can cheat.
They want to run the US like they are oppressing Hong Kong (and Nancy and Adam will be happy to help).

Yovanovitch wasn’t telling the whole truth about Hunter Biden and Burisma
Yovanovitch said she didn't know much about Burisma....
As Maury says -- 'That was a lie!'. She actually meet with a Burisma rep.
She is an Ivy league grad and forgets that? When is the FBI going to raid her house with a swat team like they did to Roger Stone?
Looks like she is part of a coverup for Biden.

Cuomo's new book will be - How to clear out a old folk's home, and other Maxist tips.
Where to put old New Yorker's with C-19?
Cuomo says: How bout the old timer's home? And if you don't, we will take your license and put you in jail.
Did anyone on his staff say: Hey, that is a bad idea. Yeah I agree, a really, really bad idea. Maybe we should put them on the ship that Trump sent? I can imagine Cuomo said: That would make Trump look good, I like my plan better.

Biden made a trip to Ukraine 3 days before Trump was sworn in!
Why was Biden going to the Ukraine? Did he not want anyone to listen in on his calls? Sounds pretty fishy.
Why did we not hear about this in this in the impeachment hearings?
The official story is he gave a speech on corruption. Maybe it was a primer on how to enrich your son?

You Dirty Rat!
So the officials in St. Louis County, Missouri decided to have an online snitching program. Little did the snitches know that they will soon be ratted out themselves with a FOI request (Sunshine Law). 900 people filed reports on the site and now everyone knows who it was.
Hey Bob is having an BBQ, let's rat him out! I guess this is when you find out who the friendly neighbors are.

I wish I had stock to sell!
Senator Burr has some inside info, then sells some stock to avoid getting taken to the cleaners. Will anything actually happen to him? Maybe he will get a letter in his permanent record? It would read: Hey, we know you were't supposed to sell stock where you had some inside info, but we will let it slide this time (and maybe next time, and the time after that....).
Why did these people need to unmask Flynn?
Biden is on this list, our good suspects Brennan and Clapper. Boyscout Comey is also on the list. Why did they need the info? To frame Flynn?
Democrats in Full Panic, Trying to Take out Bill Barr With New Letter
Who knew what and when? Did Obama and Biden know what was going on in the Russian investigation?
Did they approve or plan? Inquiring minds want to know.
So the DOJ drops the a case under Obama/Holder and no says anything. They do it under Trump/Barr and they have a hissy fit.
Both case seem to have misconduct by the federal prosecutors.

Invite the Cartels to the US!
Another shootout south of the border. A daily occurrence for them. Biden wants open borders that will allow everyone unrestricted access to the U.S.
These cartels will just move their operation here and then the firefights will be a daily occurrence for us. The socialist government there is doing a great job! (sarcastic comment).
The article says 'Mexico’s cartel problems are no joke.' That is true, if Biden opens the border the joke will be on the American people. If that happens will he borders ever be able to be closed?

Facebook wants to decide on what is acceptable thought
Big tech censorship is getting worse by the day. Demonetization of your content, shadow banning, disabling or deleting your account are all examples of the enforcement of group think.
They are very tolerant and accommodating (if you agree with them). How do they decide if you are liberal enough?

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